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Renovating Your Old Bathroom? Read this!

Reviving an old bathroom doesn’t require a total overhaul. See how updated fixtures, refreshed cabinets, smart storage solutions, and decorative accents can add character and style to your bathroom, while not breaking your budget.

1. Update your fixtures

A very cheap and easy way to update your bathroom is to replace the fixtures. New faucets and a modern showerhead can easily change the look and feel of your bathroom, giving it a very pleasing visual lift. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to make some improvements to your bathroom. According to a bathroom renovations company from Perth, lighting is one of the most important things when comes to changing the design of your old bathroom.

2. Replace outdated lighting

With the myriad of modern and contemporary bathroom lighting styles that are available, you can easily find some that will fit your budget and theme. Replace your dated light fixture with something that is new and dramatic, like chandeliers or pendant lights. Avoid yellow bulbs and cold or fluorescent lighting. Natural or simulated natural light in bathrooms is always the best option.

3. Clear the clutter

Removing the clutter from the countertop and other areas of the room is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom an uplift. Place unused items in storage containers under the sink or drawer. You can also add some freestanding or wall-hung shelves to your bathroom as part of your updating plan.

4. Coordinate accents

Little things can make all the difference. Create a harmonious colour palette by matching your cabinet doors to your feature tiles and decorative accents. Adding your much-loved accessories can also transform the bathroom into your own personal haven.

5. Restore the classics

Updating doesn’t always have to mean brand new. If you have a classic clawfoot tub that is starting to discolour from age, you can easily restore it by using spray paint resurfacing. This is a much cheaper option than replacing it with a brand new tub.

6. Update the tile

If you can’t afford to re-tile your entire bathroom, there are many ways your can still update your bathroom tiles on a budget. Resurfacing with spray paint or replacing grout can improve the appearance of a tiled room quickly and at a low cost.

7. High style vanity

Save on expensive cabinetry by turning an existing piece of furniture into a vanity. If you have an old chest of drawers or a vintage table, you can easily turn it into a stylish vanity for your bathroom. The most important factor to consider is size – whether the piece’s dimensions will work for your room, and if it will give you enough basin and counter space for your needs.

8. Repurposed storage

Free-standing storage can make a big difference in a bathroom. Using old wooden crates as smart holders for extra toilet paper and rolled bath towels is a stylish option that will add some character to your bathroom.

9. Refresh your shower curtain

If you have a bathroom that requires a shower curtain, take good care when selecting your utility. Shower curtains can consume a large area of the bathroom visually and can be the perfect item to add some style to your decor.

10. Frame your plain mirror

Mirrors can make a big difference in any room. In the bathroom, mirrors need to be highly functional and fit within the overall decor. Consider updating your mirror by adding a frame around it to give a unique look and style.

What flowers are popular for weddings?

With their beauty, shade, scent, and aroma, flowers play an essential role in setting the mood for any wedding. Flowers have a significant impact on a wedding since they convey a sense of joy and are also an integral part of the overall wedding decor. In the same way that the bride’s wedding gown has a significant impact on the theme and style of the wedding, the blooming flowers also have a considerable effect.


According to a recent poll, orchids are the most preferred wedding flowers in the world. They’re stunning wedding flowers that can give any bouquet or arrangement a dazzling, tropical flair. This is the third kind of floral arrangement that is outrageous and mainstream. Incorporating this flower into your wedding plans conveys a sense of sophistication and sophistication. The combination of soft pastels and dusty tones creates a stunning effect.

2. Roses

Roses have long been a popular choice for bridal flowers. Today, there are a wide variety of roses that can be purchased at a reasonable price. The beautiful flower is available in various vibrant hues, including white, yellow, and red. A bouquet of red roses is one of the most popular and romantic ways to express your feelings. The rose, a popular wedding flower in 2022, symbolizes the deep affection for our spouse and is consequently an essential part of almost every wedding.

3. Daisy

For a laid-back spring or summer wedding, daisies are a perfect choice. These flowers are affordable, easy to find, and come in various shades and sizes. Daisies in multiple sizes and shapes will add a nice touch to wedding decor. Daisies are the flowers of choice for wedding decorations because they give a calming element to the otherwise chaotic event.

4. Jasmine

One of the many Indian wedding flowers you’ll find is jasmine, also known as mogra. In addition to being used in perfumes, these tiny white blossoms have a powerful aroma. These flowers are lovely for weddings and are almost certainly going to appear. Jasmine is another option for your wedding music. They are among the top 10 most popular wedding flowers globally because of their enticing scent.

5. Carnations

Floral arrangements from throughout the world are a common sight at weddings. They are so popular because they can be utilized in various ways and look lovely in any setting.

Flowers are complete with symbolism and imagery. They provide a unique flavor by varying the tones, variances, conditions, and sizes. They aren’t the most important things, but they are not the last. There are various online flower delivery services you may use to confirm availability and begin planning your wedding decor.

7. Marigold

This beautiful-looking flower is a must-have for every Indian wedding. Orange and yellow hues, as well as a beautiful scent, make them ideal for weddings. Why would an Indian wedding be complete without this particular flower, about which we have songs? It’s time to incorporate this ‘Genda Phool’ into your wedding ceremony. Aside from the fact that it’s a gorgeous orange-toned bloom, we can attest to its beauty.


The tulip is a popular choice for wedding bouquets and boutonnieres because of its beauty and symbolism. For wedding decorations, 75 varieties of Tulips are available. 2022 is going to be an excellent year for them.

How do you display garden ornaments?

The addition of garden art, sculpture, and decorations, such as statues and figurines, can take your outdoor space to the next level. They enhance the beauty of your garden throughout the year, especially in the winter.

Ornaments and sculptures can draw attention in a tiny garden and serve as a focal point. Since I’ve visited many private and public gardens over the past few years, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite examples.

Even though garden sculptures might be quite pricey, garden ornaments are frequently available at reasonable prices as well. In addition to auctions, you may also acquire used goods at flea markets and garage sales.


When it comes to garden sculptures, the most important thing to remember is to choose the ideal spot for each one. To do so, you must consider any trees, plants, and bushes that are already present.


Place the statue prominently in the garden, possibly in the middle of a floral arrangement or flower bed, for maximum effect.


The addition of statues enhances a garden’s wildlife and flora. A subtle contrast to the flower beds’ bright hues, it’s a great way to dress up the entire look.


Although giant sculptures are fantastic for creating a strong focal point or making a statement, a group of smaller statues can also have the same impact. Keep in mind that the garden size should determine the statue’s size it will be placed in.


A well-placed hedge or a clump of bushes can enhance the beauty of a garden statue. They might soften the hard edges of the statue, while the converse can be true if the vegetation follows clear geometric lines.


For example, a garden fountain or a huge statue can be placed in a corner. Lovely decoration in a corner can be a pleasant surprise, as our eyes are naturally drawn to corners, and they are frequently underutilized and vacant.


Tiny statues are the finest choice for a small garden. When designing a large garden, it may be necessary to include a larger focal point. Depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the location, select sculptures accordingly.


Visitors will have a better first impression if you place a garden sculpture near the entrance. Visitors and passersby will remember your home’s entry thanks to the statue’s resemblance to a guardian.

9. Garden statue

A garden statue can be displayed in a variety of ways. You can, for example, use frames in your landscaping to draw attention to these items.

10. Swimming pools and ponds

Swimming pools and ponds go well together. Small animal figurines around the edge of a pond, for example, might add some dynamic flair to the overall aspect of the region.

11. Ornamentation

Another typical blunder is using too many sculptures. Avoid going overboard with the ornamentation. Your garden will appear cluttered and uninviting if you do not remove the clutter. Even a small statue may be a strong focal point if positioned correctly.

How can I landscape my garden cheaply?

When we hear “landscape,” we envision something large and expensive. I will not disregard that viewpoint since, before being a realtor, I had the same thinking, and now that I am aware of the difference, I see no reason why I should not share my thoughts on the subject. To begin, landscaping is simply the process of beautifying your home by laying the groundwork. It’s as straightforward and inexpensive as planting flowers, trees, or grass. To simplify, these are the best easy and inexpensive landscaping ideas.

1. Floral Landscaping

We all adore flowery patterns on our clothing, shirts, bedsheets, and even curtains for the simple reason that flowers add visual interest. This allows you to envision the appearance of actual flowers in your home compound. Isn’t it breathtaking? I’m only attempting to convey the message that flowers are works of art and will contribute significantly to the aesthetic attractiveness of gardening.

To create the ideal floral environment, you must grow a variety of flower species to add a splash of colour. This will soften your room, make it more attractive, and instill a sense of pride in you. Another way to incorporate flowers into your decor is to utilize window boxes, hanging flower baskets, and elevated planters. Flowers are always a safe bet, so give them a try today.

2. Trees

I believe that trees provide vitality to landscaping. First, they are naturally gorgeous and will attract birds and butterflies to your home, which should be reason enough to purchase this idea; but, if that is not enough, consider trees to be superheroes for shading you and your property from direct UV rays and dust. Did you know that trees can improve your mood and infuse your home with an atmosphere of warmth and happiness?

To accomplish this look, plant tiny trees and bushes in your front and back yards, as well as along a fence. The trees will provide you with a space for napping and reading, especially if you add cover plants or stones at the base and prune the trees regularly for neatness. In conclusion, plant trees if you want to experience both happy emotions and environmental benefits.

3. Rock Garden

How about we switch from conventional to contemporary landscaping? The use of rocks is a basic and inexpensive landscaping technique. This will take the form of a rock garden or yard. Unlike most other types of landscaping, rocks thrive in adverse situations such as direct sunshine or even drought. This indicates that you will be unrestricted if you live in a difficult environment. Additionally, rocks are advantageous since they eliminate weeding, pruning, and watering.

To create a diverse look in a rock garden, you must incorporate little pebbles and large boulders. You may also use plants that bloom throughout the year, such as cacti, to surround the rocks. Utilize the rocks in driveways and back yards. A rock garden will enlarge the appearance of your complex, and you will fall in love with the appearance.

4. Grass.

The grass is a simple and inexpensive landscaping material to employ. You only need to choose the grass variety you enjoy the most and then plant it. My favourite is the Kikuyu grass, which gives beauty to the compound when planted. With this landscaping style, lawn manicures will add to the attractiveness of your home.


The days of compounds being kept plain are over; what a waste! With these basic and inexpensive landscaping ideas, you can maximize the use of your home’s ground space. Make your home as inviting as possible for your family and guests. As you embark on your landscaping journey, keep in mind that the size of your space is irrelevant and that you should take your time. Take your time and ensure that it fits inside your budget.

How can I grow flowers at home?


The addition of colorful blooms to your garden never fails to liven it up (and can stop neighbors in their tracks). When it comes to flowers, perennials can last for years, while annuals can add a burst of color almost immediately. A few basic steps must be followed to get your flowers off to a good start in your yard, no matter whether you choose seeds or transplants from the garden center. Read the tag on your plants or the instructions on your seed packets before you start digging to match the plants’ needs with the best places to grow them. As a result, if your flowerbeds are already established, you can add new plants to fill in the gaps. Or, if you prefer, you can always plant a new flower bed and fill it with all of your favorite blooms.

1. Planting New Seeds and Seedlings in the Right Environment Takes Time.

The most important thing for your flowers is good soil planning. Reduce soil depth to six inches and incorporate organic matter (such as peat moss, fertilizer, or compost) before tamping down the soil surface. Using a rake, level the ground. Preparing the soil for a new life may be a lot of pleasure, similar to setting up a new baby’s nursery.

2. Remove Negative Influences When a plant is in its infancy

The straightness and stability of your flowers as adults will be influenced by the kinds of companions your flowers surround themselves with while they are in the rapid growth phase. Weeds rob your seedlings of their nutrients and water, and they ruin their appearance in the process. Pulling weeds is a worthwhile investment of time and effort. These floral plants can also be surrounded by the greatest air purifying indoor plants.

3. To Maintain the Freshness of Your Plants, Remove Deadheads.

When plants are in full bloom, remove the faded blossom heads to keep the color going. To revive a dying plant, shear off the faded blooms and about a third of the top growth if it is blooming and fading (or starting to appear ready for retirement). Fertilize after that. Plants’ performance and blooming are frequently restored due to this procedure.

4. Support Plants as They Become Larger and Taller

As seedlings mature into fumbling juvenile plants, please give them a helping hand. Forked twigs or other props can be used now before the plants are subjected to the rainstorms of life. Squeezing the center of young blooming plants, such as fuchsias and petunias, can also be an option if you’d like to promote bushier side growth.

5. You Have the Option of Adopting a Plant

It isn’t necessary to plant the seeds yourself to create a beautiful flower garden. It may be easier to start seeds inside than adapting transplants from a nursery in some cases. You can order flowering plants from the comfort of your own home and take care of them afterward. A variety of plants, including cacti, tulips, and bamboo, can be chosen.